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About Us
The East Kent Group Ltd is an organisation comprised of businesses providing a broad array of services to a wide spectrum of customers.
We are a customer-focused company providing the highest level of service in our industries. We understand the value of innovation and agility and constantly strive for excellence in everything we do. East Kent Group brings the financial strength, stability and technology to reliably serve you for the long term. Our people and processes offer the flexibility to evolve as your business or home grows and market conditions change.

Core Values

At the heart of our culture is a set of values. These values shape our decision-making and the way we interact with customers and one another:

Diversity and Inclusion

We organize ourselves around a deliberate diversity of styles and perspectives, and we hire bright, engaged individuals with unique personal and professional experiences. Our experience confirms that associates with different backgrounds, beliefs and viewpoints can and should work together.
What distinguishes our approach to diversity and inclusion is our desire for all associates to participate in the discussion. We believe nothing fosters individual potential and organizational success more than a culture built on mutual respect.

Caring for Our Communities

The passion for homeownership and the creation of small businesses help explain why community development is one of our core philanthropic causes.s

Caring for Our Environment

We are committed to maintaining an earth-friendly work environment: reducing our dependence on non-recyclable and non-reusable material. What begins in a single office, with a handful of associates determined to make a difference, will grow into a global effort that involves associates around the world.


To provide the energy, the ideas and the resources to set new standards of excellence in the various industry sectors we operate in.


East Kent Group Ltd will continually deliver value added services to all our customers, exceeding their expectations. Above all, we will earn the confidence of our clients through a continued commitment to total customer satisfaction.


We recognize the vital role of each employee in devolving and maintaining a total quality culture that facilitates each employees drive for excellence.

Quality Statement


Continual Improvement

Creating Customer Satisfaction

Providing Superior Quality Services


Building and maintaining a positive corporate image within our community